IPVideo Corp celebrates 25th birthday of the internetAugust 23 was the 25th birthday of the internet, the day new users were able to get online and gain access to the World Wide Web(WWW).   Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee began designing the WWW at CERN in Switzerland in 1989.  Over the next decade he developed “a universal linked information system” which would help physicists work together.   He then built the HyperText Transfer Protocol  (HTTP), the Uniform Resource Identifier( URL) and the HyperText Markup Language or HTML

On August 6th, 1991 the first web page went online which can still be accessed through its original URL. At that point it was limited to users at CERN, however, on August 23rd, others outside of CERN were invited to join the web, and the rest is history.

And what a glorious history it has been, with so much more to look forward to in the future.  And part of that future will be the ongoing process of integrating the physical world with the digital through the “Internet of Things”.

IPVideo Corp C3fusionC3Fusion

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to reshape the future of technology convergence, the need for an Enterprise IoT Manager becomes paramount.  IPVideo Corporation’s C3fusion integrates disparate security sub-systems, IoT devices and sensors into a Common Operating Picture (COP), and then filters and prioritizes the data being communicated to enable security personnel to make informed decisions with complete situational awareness. This Enterprise IoT Manager is ideal for those wishing for functionality and integration options beyond that available through the typical video management and/or other security solutions.


IP Video Corp Blog Introduces Mosaic EnterpriseNew to IPVIdeo Corporation’s ever expanding IoT solutions is MOSAIC, to be introduced formally at ASIS 9/12-15,2016 in Orlando, Florida.  Mosaic Enterprise, and its community of partners, marries the most advanced video management capabilities with the open access to hundreds of integration options. Powered by an underlying software engine from the industry’s leading VMS manufacturer, Mosaic Enterprise supports an unlimited number of cameras through an intuitive, yet highly-advanced, VMS platform. For single site or multi-building locations, Mosaic Enterprise provides the ability to react quickly to incidents as well as efficiently handle video export. Configuration wizards and automatic hardware detection significantly reduce the time and cost of installation, while the system’s extensive reporting tools provide exceptional situational awareness with multi-layered, interactive maps, sophisticated alarm handling and a unique way of tracking moving objects. Mosaic Enterprise combines maximum scalability and the widest range of 3rd party integrations and unique features providing the perfect enterprise-class VMS platform for today and tomorrow.

Video Push

One such feature is called “video push”.   This is a neat feature that not even Mr. Berners-Lee could have imagined!  It allows someone using a phone or tablet to take video using their mobile device and push it directly back to the video management platform. So, for example, the night watchman’s phone can become an instant surveillance camera if he comes upon something he wants to film and send back to the security monitoring station. The video will be received and captured just as if it came from a standard surveillance camera, with all the searchability and archiving features of any other camera feed.

Make sure to stop by our booth #1541 at ASIS Sept. 12-15 to experience MOSAIC first hand.  If you can’t make it this year and want to learn more, please contact us.


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