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To enhance safety and security protocols with a unified technology platform that can identify, prioritize and coordinate data from disparate systems into actionable intelligence that will enhance security, streamline business operations and realize substantial cost savings.


C3fusion uses sophisticated algorithms to sort and analyze data gathered from within specified geographic areas and then make assessments as to the potential threat levels they represent. Threats are generally identified by one of three processes:

1)    Some messages, due to the nature of their content, generate an immediate alert by themselves. The significance of the communicated threat crosses the threshold of “dangerous” and require immediate follow-up.

2)    Some messages, when viewed in isolation, may not be considered credible or dangerous, but are flagged when a quantity of similar or related messages are generated within a tight time period of each other. Their threat level may also be elevated if multiple messages come from sources that are in close proximity to each other.

3)    Finally, messages may trigger an elevated alert if their message emanates from a location in close proximity to where the threat may occur. For example, a threat to an individual or location would be less in need of immediate investigation and response if it came from across the country than one block from where the target is located.

The video shows the workflow of 2 different events.   The first follows “noise” that is picked up from social media and the 2nd example is an event that is triggered by “executive tracking”.  Both notifications drop into the operational and incident processing filters and trigger a review of any video surveillance available.

C3fusion Casemaker software takes over, providing a step by step set of instructions to be followed by both computer and/or human operator, based on the event type and specific company procedures.   These instructions are in the form of questions that must be answered.   Example questions from the video are:

  • Does the situation require local law enforcement?
  • Has 911 been notified?
  • Is a site lockdown necessary?
  • Has a site lockdown been executed?
  • Notify the site manager of the event.


Embedded video window displays cameras in the closest proximity to the event location, providing operators with full situational awareness.

Once the incident has been resolved, the operator clicks the “complete case” button to resolve the case and remove it from the event list.

The event files then go to C3fusion Case Explorer, a browser based search engine, for case review.  Users can search on key words or phrases to find associated cases in the database.  Case Explorer can be accessed from any point on the network.

C3fusion Mobile Emergency Response is like having a “walking panic button” says Giovanna Lucido from IPVideo Corp.  This is an app that interfaces with the C3fusion software and is available to specified team members of the organization.

At the onset of an event, it will:

  • notify law enforcement,
  • team members.
  • trigger the appropriate C3fusion funnels,
  • provide all with video surveillance of the event,
  • initiate process steps,
  • and send alerts when the incident has been resolved.

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