SourceSecurity.comIPVideo Corp discusses messaging around a security event recently posed this question in their Roundtable Discussion Group.  Shop talk around IPVideo Corporation reflects that this would generally be in bad taste and lack sensitivity.  While we are in the business of offering multiple security solutions, we don’t want to drum up business out of fear.

IPVideo Corporation’s Director of Marketing, Margie Gurwin explains that, “Rather than capitalizing on security incidents that ended tragically and talking about what your company’s solution “might have done” differently, I believe it is far more effective, and tasteful, to highlight examples of ways in which a company’s solutions have been effective in either preventing or mitigating similar incidents in the first place. The customer is smart enough to mentally draw the dotted line between examples with positive outcomes and those that ended badly, and understand the role that a specific solution or technology might play in order to move the odds in their favor. And, of course, there should always be a sensitivity to timing and placement of such messaging.”


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