Should Security Marketers Seek To Leverage Violent Incidents? recently posed this question in their Roundtable Discussion Group.  Shop talk around IPVideo Corporation reflects that this would generally be in bad taste and lack sensitivity.  While we are in the business of offering multiple security solutions, we don’t … Read More

C3fusion Enterprise IoT Manager™ – A Video Animation On How It Works

C3fusion Animation CHALLENGE: To enhance safety and security protocols with a unified technology platform that can identify, prioritize and coordinate data from disparate systems into actionable intelligence that will enhance security, streamline business operations and realize substantial cost savings. THE … Read More

C3fusion: Enterprise IoT Manager™ – How It Works

C3fusion supports the management and resolution of incidents by guiding operators through predetermined policies called workflows. Here’s how it works: Incoming Events (Alarms) are routed from the Server to the Operator’s Alarm List in the Command and Control center of … Read More

IPVideo Corporation & Sharp Electronics Corporation Introduce the Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV

Last week, IPVideo Corporation (IPV) and Sharp Electronics Corporation introduced the A-UGV at the ASIS International 2016 security exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV is a cost-effective, multi-terrain, mobile sensor platform that can capture video, audio and environmental … Read More

Game-Changing Technology Announcement – IPVideo & Sharp Partner Booth #1541 ASIS 2016

PRESS EVENT: September 12, 2016; 11:00 a.m ASIS International IPVideo Corporation Booth 1541 Join us at ASIS 2016 for a press conference to announce a game-changing product for the security industry.  IPVideo is proud to host our technology partner, Sharp … Read More

IPVideo Corporation Introduces MOSAIC ONVIF Bridge

MOSAIC Enterprise is the newest of IPVideo Corporation’s suite of products and services – a scalable, enterprise-class video management platform.   Available at the end of September, a cool feature of MOSAIC will be added –  the ONVIF Bridge.  This feature … Read More

Past, Present & Future Of The Internet For Enterprise IoT Managers Of VMS & Security Solutions

August 23 was the 25th birthday of the internet, the day new users were able to get online and gain access to the World Wide Web(WWW).   Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee began designing the WWW at CERN in Switzerland in 1989.  … Read More

Things To Know When Choosing Between An NVR & VMS Running On An Off-The-Shelf-Server

We recently ran across a Round Table Discussion sponsored on How To Choose Between An NVR And VMS Running On An Off-The-Shelf Server.  We consulted with IPVideo Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer, Jack Plunkett to get his thoughts on this subject.  Here … Read More

IPVideo Corporation Introduces Mosaic Enterprise At ASIS 2016 September 12-15

September 12-15, IPVideo Corporation will be at the 62nd Annual ASIS International Seminars and Exhibits in Orlando Florida, Booth 1541.  Join us there and be the first to experience MOSAIC, IPVideo Corporation’s new scalable video management solution that’s destined to redefine … Read More

The Internet Of Things, IPVideo Corporation’s C3Fusion, SentryVMS & ISONAS IP Access Control

Last week we talked about how the “Internet of Things” network-centric philosophy has allowed us to move beyond just being able to record and track situations.  Disparate systems can now “talk” to each other, generating intelligent responses to real world … Read More