IPVIdeo Corporation Brings C3fusion, MOSAIC Enterprise & AVfusion to #ISCEast 2016

IPVideo Corporation will be at #ISCEast 2016 booth #416, November 16-17 Javits Center, New York.  The team will be operating out of their Mobile Command Vehicle, which is a mobile showcase with a fully functional command center.  This will give … Read More

Should Security Marketers Seek To Leverage Violent Incidents?

SourceSecurity.com recently posed this question in their Roundtable Discussion Group.  Shop talk around IPVideo Corporation reflects that this would generally be in bad taste and lack sensitivity.  While we are in the business of offering multiple security solutions, we don’t … Read More

IPVideo Corporation & Sharp Electronics Corporation Introduce the Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV

Last week, IPVideo Corporation (IPV) and Sharp Electronics Corporation introduced the A-UGV at the ASIS International 2016 security exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The Sharp INTELLOS™ A-UGV is a cost-effective, multi-terrain, mobile sensor platform that can capture video, audio and environmental … Read More

IPVideo Corporation Introduces MOSAIC ONVIF Bridge

MOSAIC Enterprise is the newest of IPVideo Corporation’s suite of products and services – a scalable, enterprise-class video management platform.   Available at the end of September, a cool feature of MOSAIC will be added –  the ONVIF Bridge.  This feature … Read More

The Internet Of Things, IPVideo Corporation’s C3Fusion, SentryVMS & ISONAS IP Access Control

Last week we talked about how the “Internet of Things” network-centric philosophy has allowed us to move beyond just being able to record and track situations.  Disparate systems can now “talk” to each other, generating intelligent responses to real world … Read More

How “Internet of Things” Technologies Can Combine To Protect Your School Age Children

Last week we talked about how a business can begin to launch into the “Internet of Things”.  Margie Gurwin, Director of Marketing at IPVideo Corporation shared that we all “have to embrace a network-centric philosophy, not just for the obvious things … Read More

How To Launch Your Business Into The Internet Of Things

In recent blog posts, we have covered many aspects of operating in the past, current and future digital world.  We have discussed how to improve the first step of entering that digital world, with better creation and management of alphanumeric … Read More

Unmanned Ground Vehicles: A Military Technology Soon to Become Mainstream

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are mobile robots. While relatively new to the civilian marketplace, just making news last week as a UGV helped end the standoff with … Read More

Security Management Platforms Are The Logical Hub For Your IoT Devices

Gartner states that “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.”  In another post they note that there will be more than … Read More

Things To Consider When Adding Cameras To Your Video Management System

For the last couple weeks, we have been suggesting solutions to a few common issues that the administrator of a network based VMS system will face.  These issues are divided into 2 elements: hardware/software and the human element.  Today we … Read More